Richard and Suzanne's Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

The Reception

Set up and ready for the hordes to descend

Water bottles, bubbles, candy centerpieces, and other goodies ready for looting

Bubbles surround us in our first dance

The Best Dude and his dudette

The Tunnel of Love!

The tower o' calories - our yummy wedding cake

A cake top befitting our personalities - Marvin and Elmyra

Our special Ginsu moment

Feed me!

More fun with bubbles!

Matt & Erika enjoying the show

The Ruizes - our "other" family

Fun and games in the kids' corner

CISfolks having fun

Table full of biking friends

Patterns begin to appear in the confetti...

"Bellagio" holding court

The Mulligans & Kuhns cuttin' the old rug, er, dance floor

Our niece Cathy dancing her little feet off

Schmoozing with the boss

Our reception is made perfect with - an Elvis sighting!

Singing along with our special guest star - uh huh!

Alison and Dale share a special moment :)

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Updated 18 May 1999 (moved October 2008)

Scripting: Richard C. Moeur